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Azure is a medical /surgical mask making factory. It is the only such factory that exists in the Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone.

It is approved by the Environment Health and Safety ( E.H.S) department of the Jebel Ali Free Zone and the other regulating health facilities in the UAE. The EHS is a Free Zone regulating body that is very exacting in the application of the highest standards of quality of industrial processes and safety.
We are ISO, CE certified as well as ESMA Certified (certificate of  conformity of the Emirates standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) as Masks type 2R manufacturers).
Our masks are made of 98+ BFE Meltblown fabric and two layers of highest quality SS PP spunbond fabrics that ensure a high degree of prevention of viral transmission and spread.
All the masks are U.V sterilised before they leave the factory. they can be used inside and outside health facilities as well.
At Azure we come from a well entrenched Medical Background. The founders are:
Dr. Adnan Kaddaha a who has more than 45 years experience as a medical practitioner and enjoys a rich experience in Health facilities establishment and management ( please check Meditechnique Consulting and Technology.) Medithechnique.com

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Discover Our Journey

Dr Adnan worked in his owned Medical Center in Dubai.
1989 - 2003
Dr Adnan established the Jebel Ali Medical Center.
Dr Adnan established the Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital.
Dr Adnan constructed the staff accommodation of Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital and started the extension of the Hospital.
2006 - 2008
Dr Adnan worked on the mega project of 700 beds post graduate teaching Hospital with Medical School, post graduate Nursing School, Hospital Management School along with a Medical Industrial Park.
2009 - 2019
Dr Adnan went on managing Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital.
Dr Adnan established Azure Industries FZCO for medical and surgical requisites.

Meet Our Mastermind

Dr. Adnan Kaddaha

CEO Founder

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